Construction oversight

A good construction supervisor can save you a lot of money, trouble, and mistakes in the build which contractors might try to hide, but most of all they protect you by overseeing calculations, keeping track of the quantity of used materials and finished work, and by helping you carry out negotiations with the contractors. They protect you from overpriced quantities and additional services, as well. A good supervisor will not only ensure the quality of your construction, but also help you optimize the prices and your time.

Construction oversight can be a very loosely defined term. In the first, simplest of cases, it can mean merely formal oversight, which mostly deals with the procurement of the correct documentation. In the second case, construction oversight can encompass quality and quantity control. In the third case, in which the general contractor does not also coordinate the work on-site, construction oversight includes the entire coordination of tradesmen, installation workers, and others, technical examination and the procurement of a Use Permit.

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