Building Engineering

What is an engineering and when do we need it? When starting new construction, reconstruction, renovation or adaptation, our company can help you alleviate most of the worries that come with the planning of a build. Come to us before you even begin construction, tell us your wishes and our team of experts will help you realize them.

Our experienced and highly qualified team can offer you guidance, prepare investment programmes, draw up project documentation, manage applications and analyze offers, draw up contracts, coordinate, oversee, and carry out construction, trade, and installation work for all types of structures.

Why engineering? When investors are not experts in the construction field, or in cases where the investor cannot or does not wish to actively participate in the realization of their project, for whichever reason, we take care of everything. Our team of experts will make sure that all planned technical and technological solutions are complied with, and that the overall construction abides by the parameters set by the law. All work will be finished within the set deadlines and within the parameters of the contractually agreed-upon financial funds.

Allow us to tackle the bureaucracy and sort out all the needed permits related to the construction of the investment.

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